Jason’s Approach

Careful listening, empathy, feedback from a different perspective, calmness and gentle humour: the essential elements that you are offered in a therapeutic relationship with me. Whether it is to relieve the burden of difficult and painful feelings or to reap the benefits of deeper self-understanding, I will ensure that you are supported in a balanced way that values your existing resources, boundaries and autonomy.
 My therapeutic approach, which blends relational, existential, and modern psychoanalytic psychotherapy influences, can help you to better understand how your past and present relationships shape your emotional experience and your sense of who you are in the world. Together, we will work to generate a greater sense of connection, purpose and self-awareness in your life.
I very much understand the need to self-reflect, sort things through and gain strength at times of loss, transition and ‘stuckness’. I have 20 years of experience in counselling and psychotherapy and work with a diverse range of clients from different personal backgrounds, professions and life circumstances.
Visit my main website http://www.jasonwinkler.com for more details about me and my practice.

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