Relational-Existential Group for Therapists

A short-term relational-existential process group for therapists

Facilitated by Jason Winkler, RP


***Please note that Group #1 is fully booked and a second group has now been added starting in January***

Group #1:
Thursdays  9:30–10:50 am (ET)
12 sessions, 80 minutes per session

November 4, 11, 18, 25,  December 2, 9  2021
January 6, 13, 20, 27,  February 3, 10  2022

Group #2:
Tuesdays  9:30–10:50 am (ET)
12 sessions, 80 minutes per session

January 11, 18, 25,  February 1, 8, 15
March 1, 8, 22, 29,  April 5, 12  2022

Location and Numbers:

Online via Zoom – The group will have between 8 and 11 participants.


including HST 
($53.10 + HST per session):

Payable in two installments of $360: one due prior to the start of the group, the second due by the midway point of the group.

Approach and group description:

This group is intended to create a supportive and exploratory space for those who work in psychotherapeutic capacities with clients at a complex time of the pandemic, high demands, burnout, losses and also of new possibilities.

The approach of the group is intended to be relational, where deeply-held feelings can be shared, witnessed and held, existential, where we delve into questions and concerns about living in the world, living in this life at this time, psychodynamic, where we pay close attention to transferences and emerging group dynamics and anti-oppressive, where we give voice to injustice, inequity and individual and group intersectionality.

Questions that we may explore together:

*How do I feel after 18+ months of COVID life? Where am I? Where are WE?
*What kinds of anxieties and fears am I aware of in myself?
*How are racism, war, poverty, societal and class divisions, politics, etc. impacting me emotionally?
*What are we going to do in this rapidly changing climate and planet? How are environmental concerns impacting me?
*What death and mortality concerns are stirred up in me?
*What is going well? What is bringing joy and contentment? 
*Where am I feeling seen? Does community help to hold me?
*What am I missing? What am I yearning for?
*How have I changed after living with these pandemic restrictions? How has the world changed?
*What do my relationships feel like? Am I feeling connected to others? Am I holding other peoples’ feelings?
*Do I feel different out in the world, post-lockdown?
*What losses have occurred? What am I grieving?
*What has been gained? What has grown? Am I in a better place than pre-COVID times? Was lockdown good for me?
*What do I want the world to look like? What opportunities do we all have?
*What decisions am I faced with and what dilemmas arise from them?
*Who needs help and how can I give it? What if I can’t give enough?
*What are my personal responsibilities in a racist, oppressive world? How should I hold my privilege and my freedoms?
*What do I do with all of my rage, guilt, shame and sorrow?
*How can I use my creative potential to allow for movement and to get unstuck?

Is this group the right fit for me?

This group is for practitioners who are needing a space in which to connect with other people doing this work (of providing therapy while trying to be self-aware) and who want to dig in to explore personal feelings while also exploring interpersonal dynamics that unfold in the group process. The aim of the group is to check in, take stock, be curious about self and other, and to learn more about how our work as therapists intersects with our own personal experiences of living in the same world that our clients do—with all its risks, emotional complexities and uncharted waters.

Group members will be expected to engage in an emotional process in an online setting and be genuinely interested and curious in what is unfolding between group members and within oneself from session-to-session. We will work to locate and witness each other amidst the unknown and the feelings that arise in our process.


Jason Winkler, RP
(647) 317-3178

If you have any further questions about the group, please feel free to contact me and we can set up a time to chat about it.

If you are registering for the group, I’d like to be able to speak online or by phone for 10 or so minutes sometime before we start the group, just to make brief contact with you.


The closing date for registering for the group is Monday November 1 (for Group #1) and
Friday January 7 (for Group #2).

A minimum of 8 participants is required for the group to run.

I have 15 years of experience in co-facilitating process groups as a faculty member at the Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy (TIRP). I am a graduate of the Center for Group Studies (in New York) – Certificate of Completion in Group Leadership training program (in a Modern Analytic group therapy approach) and I regularly participate in trainings through the American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA).


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