Group in 2020

I am putting out a ‘statement of intention’ of sorts –  a vow, perhaps – to start up a new therapy/process group in 2020. It is very much about finding the right space in which to do it (location/setting, light/sound, etc.) and one that is mutually available at times that I can run a group. It is not the easiest thing to find, but I’m working on it.

If you happen to land on this post and are interested in joining a therapy group, feel free to email me to let me know about being kept up to date on any new information. I will also post here if anything new transpires. There would be a consultation/intake process and I’m considering the different models of short-term and ongoing group.

I am reflecting on how many inquiries I’ve had over the months and years about whether I am currently running a therapy group – particularly because the person writing me felt that group therapy would be the best option for them and, in some cases, had been thinking of it and desiring it for a long time.

This heartens me because I know from much of my own experience how a group offers a unique opportunity for self-learning in the living, interpersonal ‘lab’ of people sitting in a circle talking about feelings. I use the word ‘lab’ only to illustrate the experimental – and experiential – nature of the group setting.

Group process offers something apart from individual, one-on-one therapy (and most other social interactions!) where the work may not be focused at all on what is happening in the moment between the people having the conversation, whereas that is an important component of what occurs in group. It is actually the very vehicle for growth and self-awareness: the paying attention to self while in relationship with others, exploring relationships in the moment by putting thoughts and feelings into words, and giving and receiving emotional/relational feedback. The immediacy in this kind of communication is what helps very much to evolve and heal and learn, and allows participants to identify what is happening for them on a deeper level.

This brief statement to update this very neglected satellite website of mine will hopefully give interested visitors a sense of where I am in terms of plans to run a group, and the sort of group it might be.


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