Group Therapy

I run psychotherapy groups that are ongoing and weekly, with a relational and psychodynamic focus. They are groups for those who would like a consistent, weekly interpersonal process with others, looking at one’s self and life, while also exploring the relationships that occur in the group. The facilitation style includes a focus of what is happening for people in the here-and-now of group process, in order to help members recognize and explore relational patterns. It is an environment in which to learn more about one’s self, relational history, and emotional experience. In other terms, it is a group of people working on their ‘stuff’, with other people working on their ‘stuff’, in relationship, with a commitment to the process.

The process of the therapy group will allow individual members to explore challenges, life questions, emotions and relationships in a confidential group setting. As a member of the group, you will be helped to gain insight into how your relationship history informs your emotional experiences and explore why you might struggle to be in connection with others. A relational approach to group psychotherapy offers you the opportunity to enhance your communication skills, self-awareness, self-confidence, and sense of well-being through relational connection and an authentic talking-through process with other group members.



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